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About Us

Kiwi Style Fish and Chips originated in Sydney Australia. Our success in Australia was founded upon a relentless approach to providing our customers with only quality products, and doing our best to ensure it was served with a loving spirit every single time.

Over the years we have always been inspired by the hospitality provided by the Hawaiian Islands so in 2018 when an opportunity to relocate our business arose, we focused on finding a spot on the North Shore of Hawaii with the goal of bringing happiness and good food to the steady flow of tourists and wonderful local folk that make up this island paradise.  


2022 has also opened the opportunity to open a 2nd location in the exciting Springfield area in Queensland , Australia. We are excited to serve this growing community with the same hospitality and good soul food that that has transpired from Sydney to Hawaii and now back to beautiful Queensland. 

Our locations may have changed but our relentless approach to providing our  customers with only the best quality fish & chips accompanied by loving service will always remain.   


We are grateful to have local Hawaiian company
Garden & Valley Isle Seafood Inc as our major fish supplier for our Hawaiian business.


Their fish are hook and line-caught, no gill nets, trawl nets or seine nets are used. They are an amazing business that are constantly striving to anticipate and exceed expectations for sustainable fishery management

In Australia we have partnered with Poulos Bros a local company that has been serving our customers with amazing seafood and products over the years since we began in 2004. 

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